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What is an orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a specialist who has gone to 2-3 years of additional training following dental school.  They can straighten teeth, improve the function of the smile, and change or affect jaw growth.

What age should one visit the orthodontist?

Age should be at 7yrs or earlier dependent on your general dentists referral. Teeth are constantly moving throughout your lifetime, thus the need for orthodontic treatment at all stages of life. There are many of options for orthodontic treatment and so many benefits to pursue this care for your teeth

How do braces or clear aligners work?

Braces or clear aligners use gentle force in multiple dimensions to move your teeth. They help you improve the form, function, and appearance of your smile. There are many types of braces to choose from including; clear aligners, traditional metal braces, and ceramic braces.

How do I know if I need braces?

Having a consultation with A BOARD CERTIFIED ORTHODONTIST is important as they will be able to examine and discuss what your goals are and create a treatment plan specifically for you.

Am I able to take care of my teeth with braces?

YES! Always remember to brush your teeth after each meal and floss 1-2 times a day. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride.  During treatment, try to avoid food with a lot of sugar, as well as sticky and chewy foods, hard foods, or any foods that might get stuck in braces.

Will braces interfere with my school activities?

NO! Playing an instrument or sport might require some adjusting to with braces, but it will not stop you from taking part in these activities. We recommend using a mouthguard to protect braces.

I can order clear aligners online and get them delivered to me. Why wouldn't I do that?

There are three big concerns with this. First would be a lack of information about you as a patient. Before we start your orthodontic treatment, we take X-rays, photos, and do a thorough exam to make sure you are a good candidate for orthodontic treatment. If things do not look like they will align well with Invisalign/clear aligners, then another route is chosen. With online ordering, this is typically not done. Secondly, regular checkups. Regular checkups are done in an orthodontic office. DIY orthodontics do not have this and thus are not able to track the movement of the teeth properly. Lastly, health hazards. When you order clear aligners online, you are not able to have a dentist check to make sure you do not have any dental concerns like cavities, gingivitis, chipped teeth, or more concerning health conditions. Seeing an orthodontist will ensure that all of this is performed. Therefore it is not worth the risk. Let Bell Orthodontics work with you to give you the smile you deserve!



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